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Gifts that pay income

There are a number of ways for you to make a gift to the University that will pay income. Such a gift will pay benefits back to you, either for your entire life or for a specified number of years, after which the University will use the remaining gift assets for the purpose you specify.

A life-income gift may be worthwhile if you want to make a gift but need to retain or increase the income you receive from your assets. It can be especially attractive if you own low-yielding but highly appreciated securities, and want to increase your income while avoiding capital gains taxes. And you also obtain a substantial income tax charitable deduction when you make your gift.

The various types of life-income gifts that are available permit you to fashion a gift arrangement that best fits your financial needs. You can structure your life-income gift to pay income to yourself and another person or persons. Your gift can pay a fixed or variable income; it may include tax-free income in whole or part; and you can arrange for the income payments to commence immediately or at a future date, such as the date of your planned retirement. 

A charitable life-income plan can also maximize your family’s income from the survivors’ benefits of your qualified retirement plan. You can designate a charitable life-income plan as survivor beneficiary of your retirement plan. When the retirement assets pass into the life-income arrangement, the income tax is avoided and the estate tax is substantially reduced or eliminated. This combination of tax savings gives the charitable life-income arrangement a larger fund available for investment than if you directly designate your heirs as survivor beneficiaries of your retirement plan, resulting in much higher income for your heirs.


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Establish a Legacy

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