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Gifts that pass assets to heirs

Charitable Lead Trust

When you create a charitable lead trust, the initial or “lead” interest is paid out to Missouri State annually for either a predetermined number of years or for the duration of your life. Thereafter, the assets of the lead trust are either returned to you or passed on to your children, grandchildren, or other loved ones. If the assets are to be returned to you, you receive an income tax deduction when the trust is created. If the assets are passed on to heirs, applicable estate or gift taxes on the value of the gift are reduced or completely eliminated. A charitable lead trust can be a powerful tool in gift and estate tax planning, but the technical complexities require careful consideration. The Missouri State University Foundation is glad to work with you and your financial advisors to see if a charitable lead trust is the right plan for you.


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Establish a Legacy

Lisa Clark

Establish a legacy at Missouri State through your will or estate. Working with your attorney or financial advisors, we can help you plan your gift to maximize your benefits. Please email Lisa Clark or call 417-836-4143 for more information.