The Founders Club

The Founders Club recognizes those significant donors whose financial support provides and encourages many aspects of higher education for Missouri State University.

Membership in The Founders Club ensures the privileges of distinguished benefits for the contributor while it delivers much needed assistance to the University and its students in their quest for higher education.

The Founders Club was established in January of 1983 to recognize the spirit of two individuals, H.B. McDaniel and Senator Frank M. McDavid, whose tremendous efforts in the early 1900s helped gain approval to locate Missouri State Normal School Number 4, now Missouri State University, in Springfield.

Individuals, businesses, foundations and organizations which make a minimum commitment of $10,000 in cash, securities, or real or personal property to the Missouri State University Foundation, usually in payments of $1,000 or more annually, meet the criteria for membership in The Founders Club. Additionally, membership is extended to those making planned gifts through a bequest, life income agreement, trust agreement, or another acceptable planned or deferred giving instrument with a value of at least $10,000.

Following a gift commitment, membership is activated by completing, signing and returning a Statement of Acceptance for membership in The Founders Club.

Medallion recognition

Medallions are presented to those members whose generosity significantly exceeds the minimum level of giving necessary to qualify for membership. The minimum cumulative giving levels are as follows:

  • Governors Medallion $5,000,000
  • Founders Medallion $1,000,000
  • Platinum Medallion $500,000
  • Sterling Medallion $250,000
  • Presidents Medallion $100,000
  • Silver Medallion $50,000
  • Bronze Medallion $25,000

Benefits of membership

Membership in The Founders Club provides support to the University and benefits for the contributor. Benefits of membership include:

  • A jade glass award designed especially for members of The Founders Club;
  • Events through the year, hosted by the Missouri State University Foundation, in tribute to this special club and its membership;
  • Reserved parking privileges on campus--with some exclusions including Lot number 1, the area behind Carrington Hall--and for athletic and performing arts events;
  • Invitations for special occasions; and
  • Use of the Duane G. Meyer Library. A special embossed card is issued to members of The Founders Club.



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