Missouri State University Foundation

Board of Trustees

Members of the Foundation Board of Trustees are some of the most exceptional supporters of Missouri State University. The Board advises the Foundation in gift planning, seeking private gifts and investing private funds given for the benefit of university projects and programs.

Executive Committee


Gordon Kinne

Joe Carmichael

Chair:  Gordon Kinne Vice Chair:  L. Joseph Carmichael


Bonnalie O. Campbell
John D. Foster
Robert A. (Tony) Foster
Karen L. Horny
Mark McQueary
Mary H. Sheid
James H. Wilson

Michael H. Ingram, Immediate Past Chair, Ex Officio
Clifton M. Smart, III, Missouri State University President, Ex Officio
Beverly Miller, Missouri State University Board of Governors, Ex Officio
Stephen C. Foucart, Missouri State Foundation Board of Trustees Treasurer, Ex Officio
W. Brent Dunn, Executive Director, Ex Officio
Cindy R. Busby, Secretary


H. Douglas Adams, Ph.D.    
Jon T. Baker    
William E. Barclay, Sr.  
James K. Bass  
William K. Berry
Noel Boyd
Clifford S. Brown
James H. Buford 
Margaret A. Burd   
David H. Capps
Ethel Curbow
Kim Dake
Kenneth J. Dotson
Jacquie Dowdy
John F. Eilermann, Jr.
Kevin E. Elliott
Marla J. Elliott
Tim Foote
Larry D. Frazier
Robert C. Fulp
J. Ryan Gamble
Martha A. Greene
Dr. Matthew A. Harthcock
Rev. Dr. Paula Hartsfield
David R. Henderson
Donna K. Henderson
Billy E. Hixon
Arthur D. Hurtado
Gerald L. Jackson
Diane L. Jenkins
Patricia R. Kimball
W. Bryan Magers    
Maxine McGruder
David B. McQueary
Mary McQueary
Rick McQueary
Kenneth E. Meyer
Richard H. Miller
C. Michel Minor
Kyle L. Moles
Lisa C. Officer
Michael L. Oldham
Timothy B. O'Reilly
Dr. David W. Osborne    
Peggy S. Pearl
Carol Pinegar
T. Edward Pinegar, Jr.
Anna Marie Presutti
Scott Purvis
Toni L. Riccardi
William L. Rowe, Jr.
Errett C. Sechler
Patricia L. Sechler
Timothy J. Siebenman
Dr. Susan Sims-Giddens
Mark R. Stillwell
Tina C. Stillwell
Thomas G. Strong
James F. Tearney
Mary R. Tearney    
Bradley D. Thomas
Terry W. Thompson
Joseph W. Turner
Richard L. Viar
Jack E. Weimer
John D. Whittington 
James B. Wingfield
Richard F. Young

Additional Trustees will be appointed at a later date.


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