MSU Crowdfunding Campaign Application

The Missouri State University Foundation has partnered with to create MSU Crowdfunding to provide a resource for Missouri State University students, faculty, staff, programs, and organizations to use the power of crowdfunding to raise money and generate support for approved projects.

These projects, in order to be approved by the Missouri State University Foundation, must be sponsored by a Missouri State college, department, or program. Goal amounts are set at $500 to $10,000 with campaigns lasting from 30 up to 75 days. However, there may be opportunities to allow other amounts or lengths, depending on the project.

Please complete and submit the following form. Send any additional materials by email to If you have any questions, please email us at You may can also contact us at or call 417-836-4143.

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Contact information

If a student initiative, please provide the name of a faculty or staff member.

Please list your team members, three minimum, five maximum, who are committed to contributing to the campaign and pushing the project through social media and personal connections to their network of friends, family, and other contacts.

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Campaign basics

$500 to $10,000 (Amounts exceeding $10,000 will need further discussion.)

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Campaign details

Is there an existing Foundation account where your funds can be deposited? Enter the account number here.  If you don't know or are not sure, enter that here and check with your budget officer or the Foundation.

What are you raising funds for? Who will benefit?

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Will the sponsoring department/college/program fund the remainder of the amount needed to complete the project if your group isn’t able to reach their goal? If not, where will the partial funds raised be used?

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In determining your funding goal, please share with us how you came up with the amount needed. What costs did you consider when coming up with the total? Will you be able to fulfill part of your goal or do you need to raise the total amount to be successful? Please list your costs. Once your campaign is launched, you won’t be able to change the goal amount.

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Do you have a campaign marketing plan to follow? Please share it with us. For instance, tell us about the roles of your team members, schedule of social media posts, etc. Also, please include the social media accounts of your department, college, program, or organization that you'll be utlizing to promote your project. For example, the Foundation's social media accounts are Facebook, or @MissouriStateFoundation and Twitter, or @FoundationMSU.

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Likeness Releases are required for everyone appearing in the video or photos for your crowdfunding campaign. Missouri State likeness release forms are available for download. Completed printed releases with original signatures may be delivered to the Foundation or scanned and emailed to Please note that not obtaining likeness releases will result in delays and will prevent your campaign from going live.

Do you acknowledge the requirement of likeness releases?

Monies raised from this Crowdfunding project are deposited into a designated fund to be used for this purpose only, within the MSU Foundation, and authorized by the sponsoring college/department/program.

I understand monies are deposited into a MSU Foundation and authorized by the sponsoring college/department/program.
I understand that this fund is not a bank account accessible for cash withdrawals.
I understand that expenditures from this account must be approved and follow all procurement/purchasing/reimbursement guidelines as set forth by the University.
Human verification
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