The mission of the Missouri State University Foundation is to develop an environment which promotes giving and therein seek, receive, manage and distribute resources in a manner appropriate to support programs of instruction, research and public service of the University.

Since the establishment of the Foundation in 1981, thousands of private contributions have been given to the University’s departments and programs. Alumni of the institution give recalling with appreciation the education they received while attending Missouri State. Others—friends, parents, corporations, foundations, faculty, staff and even current students—have a sincere desire to enhance particular areas of study or the overall quality of education at Missouri State University.

Indeed, the Foundation has been successful for over 35 years. The success exists because of the continued willingness of donors to invest in the future of the students and the University on the campuses in Springfield, Mountain Grove, West Plains and China. In its history, the Missouri State University Foundation has received $389 million in gift commitments. It has received $346 million through outright gifts, and an additional $43 million recorded through deferred commitments. The outright gifts are already being utilized on campus. The deferred gifts will come to the University at a later date through trusts, annuities, life insurance and other testamentary instruments.

Private giving continues to be of critical importance to the University. Many opportunities are created through the generosity of friends to the institution, made up of a family of alumni, parents, graduating seniors, current and retired faculty and staff, community members, local and national businesses, foundations, and other organizations.

Generous support in the University’s mission and lasting gift commitments enhance opportunities for students, and make things possible that would not be there otherwise, without private giving.

Onward, Upward

When you give back, we all move forward

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