Tips for Making a Crowdfunding Video

A video is an important part of your campaign. But, it doesn't need to be fancy. Here are some tips to help you make a great video that conveys your enthusiasm and persuades supporters to join your cause.

Filming your video

Using the best camera you have, sometimes phones are best to get HD quality. Record your video in landscape, not portrait. Make sure that your lighting is adequate, natural sunlight typically looks good. You should test your setup and make sure your subject can be heard loud and clear.

When framing the shot, have your subject fully in frame, try not to cut off edge of their headā€”legs are okay. Checking your background is also important. You don't want to have a distracting background behind your subject. It’s best to set the camera on a level, stable surface if possible, but if holding make sure it’s steady. When shooting outside, make sure the wind doesn’t overpower the speaker.

Telling your story

Make your story to the point and be concise, emphasize personal plea, support, persuasion, and set the tone. Don’t assume people know what your campaign is about, address “what, where, when”, and “how” they can support your campaign. Have a “call to action” inviting your audience to become a part of your cause.

Give Campus recommends that your video be no more than 2 minutes. Make your video engaging for the viewer. Show rather than tell, if possible. The first seconds of your video count the most in making a case for support.

Editing your video

If you need assistance in editing your video, please email MSU Crowdfunding for assistance. It’s best if you send or deliver to us your original footage from your camera. If an edited video is all you have, then, please do share it with us.

Consider recording a voice-over to add to your video. Adding a voice-over or talking during your filming makes it more personal. If you’d like us to add your voice recording, please be sure to share that with us. It’s fine to record a voice over with your phone.

Please provide us with a written transcript of the dialogue in your video. Give Campus currently does not have a closed captioning feature, so this provides viewers an alternative.

Copyrighted material in video

Do not use copyrighted music, images, or video. If you do, make sure you have express, documented permission to use for this purpose from the owner.

Likeness Releases

Make sure anyone who is filmed, recorded (voice-over or audio) or photographed to be used in the video has signed a likeness release form.

Suggested sites for music

Youtube Audio Library (free)

Incompetech (free)

Free Music Archive (free)

Premium Beat (licensing fee)

Audio Jungle (licensing fee)


Please feel free to contact MSU Crowdfunding if you have any questions. We're here to help!

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