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MSU Crowdfunding is an online crowdfunding platform for Missouri State students, faculty and staff to raise money and generate support their great ideas. The power of the crowd can bring together many small gifts through a far-reaching network of Missouri State alumni, students, faculty and staff, and their family, friends and colleagues.

The Missouri State University Foundation is now partnering with GiveCampus.com, to provide a resource for Missouri State University students, faculty, staff, organizations and programs to use the power of crowdfunding to raise money and generate support for certain approved projects.

How does MSU Crowdfunding work?

How can you support this new initiative?

We invite you to check in on MissouriStateCrowdfunding.org to explore the campaigns that are in progress.  We ask you to spread the good news about projects that inspire and excite you and sign up to be an advocate.  You can do this easily through your social media connections from the crowdfunding site.  This will help create interest in the project and assist our teams in meeting their fundraising and project goals.  

By making a tax-deductible contribution online through this secure and convenient crowdfunding site, you will be supporting the effort, moving the campaign forward, and positively impacting the outcome of the project.  Campaign creators will provide feedback and progress as the campaigns move toward completion.

This is an exciting opportunity for our campus community, and we greatly appreciate your support of this new initiative.

How can I raise money for my project?

If you are currently a student, or a member of faculty or staff, then you can submit an idea to be considered for the MissouriStateCrowdfunding.org site.  There are many tips to successful crowdfunding.  It is important to think through several steps before launching a campaign.  We encourage you to review the resources that have been provided on the site.

You can get started by submiting an application, which will be reviewed by appropriate University and Foundation administration.  Once the application has been reviewed, then you will be contacted with approval or further information.
Once approved, join the online MSU Crowdfunding community and submit your project at MissouriStateCrowdfunding.org. We take you step by step in setting up your project and will share pointers along the way to help you reach your fundraising goal. You can even invite collaborators to join your team to help you with your campaign. Advocates can create gift matching opportunities and issue special challenges.

MissouriStateCrowdfunding.org can help you create a buzz and share your enthusiasm about your project with family, friends, colleagues and the community.  Asking for support and awareness through social media, personal networks, and email is a great way to build interest for your project. 

We are excited to be able to provide this opportunity for the Missouri State campus community.  We encourage you to be a part of this new program that can assist the unique ideas and goals of our students, faculty and staff.

Please email crowdfunding@missouristate.edu should you have any questions or comments.  Thank you!

MSU Crowdfunding


Why Should I Use Missouri State Crowdfunding?

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Questions? Email: crowdfunding@missouristate.edu

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